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Shay   Brouillon sans titre 1 26/01/05 à 20:38

Just can’t explain
Why I feel so blue
There’s no reasons for me to cry
But suddenly I wanna stop to fight
Just need to sleep like a child

The truth is so meanless
This world is a lie
And lies are so many little worlds
How could I sleep ?

I used to wake up and smile
Without knowing why
I used to live my life wisely
Like I was the only one

O I thought I was right
I thought that everybody
Must be like me

Now I'm sick and tired
And I try and try
To become somebody else
But it's always in vain

Juste un essai...

Brouillon sans titre 1/1 26/01/2005 à 20:38
ben il est bien ton essai en tout cas !! continue !!! Very Happy
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